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Dustin Bajer

Gardener, Beekeeper, Educator



Landscape Design: Planning A Backyard Oasis


Learn the fundamentals of creating a beautiful backyard landscape design. With little more than a tape measure, pen and paper, and a few drafting tool, we'll work through some essential steps necessary to created the garden of your dreams that's beautiful and functional.


Your goal is to create a simple, informative, and beautiful concept sketch of a backyard landscape - whether planning to kick back or take up urban farming - that fits your needs and lifestyle. By going though this process, you'll learn about drafting, sketching, and creating a functional layout that fits your needs.


Upload your photostory to the project gallerty on SkillShare. Your final project will include the following 5 photographs:

  • Scale drawing of your landscape space
  • Detailed "needs & yeilds" analysis
  • Zone diagram
  • Sector analysis
  • Complete landscape concept design



Introduction - What You'll Learn
Why plan?...

Lesson 1 - Create a Scale Drawing of Your Space
In this lesson, we'll create a scale drawing of your landscape. Once complete, this drawing will allow us to add and manipulate various design elements by incorperating layers and patterns on one surface.

Lesson 2 - Establish a Needs & Yields Web
The true test of any design is how well it functions. In an effort to create a functional space, we're going to build something called a needs and yeilds web. Once comepete, our web will help inform the relative placement of each design elements.

Lesson 3 - Determine Your Zones
Just as you'd place ...we need to think about how frequently we need and want to interact with various design elements. By completing a zone analysis, we'll determine the placement of each element relative to the frequency and ease of use.

Lesson 4 - Determine Your Sectors
Noisy neighbour to the East? Wind and water entering your yard from the West? By creating a sector analysis of your landscape, we'll map the flow of enery and matter across your space and devise strategied to block or harness them to the advange of our design.

Lesson 5 - Water, Access, Structures
As on ecoligically inspired gardener once said "plant your water before you plant your garden". In this lesson, we'll look at our three most important design element; water, access, and structures. With relation to our need & yeilds web, zone plan, and sector map, we'll establish the proper placement of these three main components.

Lesson 6 - Putting It All Together
Now that you have an understand of your site and how each design element interacts the the others and the landscape, it's time to put all the pieces together and build our concept design. Though not increadibly detailed, your concept design will be an invaluable tool necessary to creating your dream landscape design.


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