Brett Coffey

We Weren't Born To Follow




I guess this is a second half story? At 49 I walked away from an 80k upper management gig in the music industry to spend the last 6 months with my dad and his battle with cancer.  Now almost a year later it's time to get off the bench and get back into the game.

I'm here really to see what play i'm going to run take a shot throw it deep.  What's my story I'll figure that out sooner than later. Excited to be part of this adventure with everyone here. And as always my wife had had me at hello thanks for all your support and our amazing kids!


As I work through Gary's material I'm starting to get a feel for what it takes to take on this beast called social media.  With the last name Coffey - hmmm and a love of Coffee how about Coffey Life. Create a fan page on facebook and starting scale that out and see where I can take it!  Check it out here -

Yup that's me and the G - Man!


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