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There's more to doing business than just making money. You know that. You're a do-gooder, a change-maker, a ruckus-starter. Your work is driven by more than your PayPal balance... it's driven by a deep-seated passion and purpose to make an impact in the world. And you need copy that's more than just a sales tool. 

Ignite Your Cause is about more than just effective sales copy. I’m a word nerd on a mission to empower those making a difference with their work to impact as many people as possible. I created Ignite Your Cause so I could marry my passion for being a game-changer with my dedication to helping others do the same. 

I serve those who are hell-bent on making this world a better place to live, work, and play. Whether you need help getting clear on your message, stoking your mission, or igniting your movement, you're in the right place.

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Jab: Most of my audience is really engaged with an upcoming trip to Kenya that I have planned. Many participated in my fundraising campaign to support an orphanage my family is involved with (including the mack daddy, Gary Vee, himself!) and I'll be delivering the funds and visiting the orphanage during my trip. My "jabs" in December are going to be a series of posts called 25 Days of Do-Goodery... a series of prompts and questions about giving back that correspond with the # of days until I start my journey to Kenya (the day after Christmas). Below's the visual that will accompany the posts - and as each day of the countdown passes, I'll nix the number in the box and lower the number in the image. 

JAB POST: Day 25 of 25 Days of Do-Goodery: If you could travel anywhere in the world to give back and partake is some do-goodery, where would you go and what would you do?


Right Hook: I'll be selling a workbook/checklist in December that was only available during a limited 3-day pre-sale in the past... and folks have been itching to get their hands on it.

RIGHT HOOK POST: Give yourself the gift of polished copy in the New Year - buy Pop & Polish to make your copy shine. http://igniteyourcause.com/shop



JAB POST: Can't wait to meet the itty bitties at Good Samaritan! Only __ days until I get there! #kenya #orphanage #travel #countdown #25ddg



Right hook: Pinterest has been a great traffic driver for my copywriting infoproducts so I did two right hooks for this unit. The first is an infographic I made for my most popular product and the second is a re-take on the eBook cover for my newly released copywriting checklist. Both will link to my shop with more info and buy now buttons for both - http://igniteyourcause.com/shop

Jab: Because I'll be doing a 25 Days of Do-Goodery campaign in December to countdown my departure to Kenya to work with a couple orphanages, I'll be doing 5 jabs with simple yet powerful quotes about "giving back". 4 of the 5 or shown below and they will link to blog posts that correspond with their theme - telling more about my story as a do-gooder and preparations for my upcoming trip. 

RIGHT HOOK POST: The do-gooders, change-makers, and ruckus-starters of this world need more than copy that just sells. You need sales copy that oozes your personality, speaks to your people, and furthers your purpose. Build your brand vocab + amplify your voice with The Wordtorm Tool. #social #entrepreneur #nonprofit #copywriting 


RIGHT HOOK POST #2: Make sure your web copy packs a punch before you publish. Get yours hands on this quick and dirty copywriting checklist. 


JAB POSTS: Each post will simply inclide the quoted text and attribution.



Jab: There's nothing that makes me laugh harder than Jess Day (of New Girl) in the scene where she's running in slow-mo and says "I DO IT FOR KENYAAAAAAA!" Perfect for my countdown to my big trip. The jab will link to my blog post about how my desire to work with Kenyan orphanages spurred my business into existence and why Kenya, of all places. (post doesn't exist yet). 

JAB POST: Finishing up with my last few clients before I leave for Kenya! Get the juicy details about WHY I'm spending a month there! http://igniteyourcause.com/blog/why-kenya


Right Hook: Because New Girl is hilarious. And Nick Miller is my favorite. 

RIGHT HOOK POST: Crafting copy doesn't have to feel like this. I promise. Check out Pop & Polish: a quick and dirty checklist for copy that packs a punch! http://igniteyourcause.com/shop




Jab: My 25 Days of Do-Goodery campaign is going to be in December, so I did my tweet with a common December hashtag. (Unfortunately, #blackfriday and #thanksgivingtips aren't likely to be around in December. #utilitarian #rulebreaker) I do, although, hereby solemnly swear to do at least two Tweets in response to Jimmy Fallon's late night hastags in December - JF LNHT example below, too.

JAB POST (for December): Hate to be a #Scrooge, but #Christmas is the last thing on my mind right now. 3 Days til #Kenya! Hasta la vista, winter!

JAB POST (JF LNHT): Needed a turkey for two. Snagged the smallest turkey I could find, got home and realized it was a damn chicken. #ThanksgivingFail



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