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I want to make memories all over the world

Hi everybody!

I just started this class and I am happy to say, I will start posting here my lettering project! It is probably going to be a poster.


I thought of several quotes which I liked and they were all under 10 words. I decided on "I Want to make memories all over the world" because I love travelling, and it was a quote which I had not heard before.

So I started doing my brainstorming.


I wrote words like vintage, globe, plane, travel stickers, exotic, happy etc. I first thought of doing something with vintage travel stickers, the ones that are on suitcases, but while searching for my mood board I saw these vintage postcards which I loved.


  So, I found quite a few of these vintage postcards and I would love this look for my quote. I am planning to use the fat typeface style for the word MEMORIES, with some imagery inside (maybe the map, but I am not sure if I can draw it).I also like the 50's script style for some other words of my quote. The vintage plane and map could also be incorporated. The general style would be vintage, exotic, travel... 

Yesterday and today I did my lettering warm up for the word Memories.



I am not sure if my different lettering styles have a connection with the meaning of the word, but in any way I experimented with different styles (some easy, some quite difficult). I may not keep any of them for my final piece, but at least it's my first attempt.

I will try to draw the word Memories with the fat 3D typeface of the postcards for next time. 

UPDATE - - Thursday March 19 - -

I tried the postcard style lettering for my word. It has the look that I want, and I am thinking of using it for my final piece. Also it would be fun to do something in the letters. 


 Started some sketches for the final composition and it is starting to look interesting. I am using the fat 3D letters and for the words "I WANT" I was again inspired by lettering from the vintage postcards.


and here are some other layouts using a globe and the dimensional lettering that Mary Kate showed in the class. I will try more sketches next time until I decide on one.


UPDATE - - Wednesday April 22 - -

I made some more thumbnails and sketches and I selected 2-3 which I like more (the ones contained in a globe or circle and the large symmetrical one)




I didn't like the "the" and I tried some other ways of writing it.


In the end when I looked at it, I tried to figure out what was bothering me, and it was the word WORLD. I think it didn't match the style of the rest of the fonts. So I tried some other ways of writing WORLD, but I was not happy with any of them.


I thought that maybe I used the fat 3D typeface for the wrong word, and that maybe I should use it for the word WORLD intead of MEMORIES. So I made some new thumbnails using the 3d typeface for the word WORLD, which I think works better. What do you think? (I like the right one)


UPDATE - - Friday April 24 - -

I made a larger rough sketch based on the selected thumbnail. The word WORLD looks good. I imagine it with a map illustration within the letters.

Everything looks a little off-centered and hopefully I can correct them on my final sketch. I would like to practice more on flourishes and small decorative items, for the negative spaces, because I am not really confident yet! I may remove the two decorative corners up-left and up-right. 


I have to solve my lightbox problem (I dont have one) and proceed to a final sketch!

 UPDATE - - Tuesday May 12 - -

I solved my lightbox problem (I made one DIY). So, I traced my rough sketch, changed some things and this is my final pencil sketch! I think I corrected some issues and I am ready to ink!


I finally inked it but I am not sure yet how to seperate layers for the scanning. For example I now think that the word WORLD has to have the bottom dropshadow inked seperately, the side dropshadow inked seperately and then a seperate layer for the inside of the letters where I want to have illustrations of maps.


So, I think I will redo the word WORLD seperately, and also the dropshadow for MEMORIES and the little globe.

 UPDATE - - Wednesday May 13 - -

I did all the dropshadows for WORLD seperately, I hope they will come together digitally. I think that it is important to have the experience and knowledge for digitising your work because it helps you decide how to prepare your sketch before scanning.



So, now I have to finish with the map illustrations inside the letters WORLD and in the small globe. 

 UPDATE - - Wednesday June 11 - -

Unfortunately I have been busy with other projects and I haven't updated lately.

So, I put a world map in the lightbox and traced it within the space of the word WORLD. I did it in two layers: one layer is the map contours and the other layer is the horizontal and vertical lines that would be nice to have on top.


I have already started the next class "The Final Steps of Hand-Lettering".

This is the final scanned image which i traced in Illustrator. The extra layers are still missing.



Next: I have to gather all layers together digitally and prepare the artwork for color... Stay tuned!!

Update / June 16th:

I started coloring using a vintage-style color palette. These 4 alternatives are my first results, what do you think?



Update / September 30th (3 months later!!!):

I am resuming the class after 3 months. I tried to make the changes that Mary Kate suggested in her comment:

-make the outline of the word WORLD darker blue

-simplify the artwork: remove the flourishes & globe

-move the word MAKE to where the globe was

-make it more monochromatic: make MEMORIES dark blue and blue color, keep ALL OVER THE in red...


I think it looks a little plain without texture at the moment. I will now create some textures for this artwork and see what happens!

Update / October 5th:

These are some handmade textures I created: brush pen, pencil, watercolor, copic marker...







I will scan them and integrate them in my design.

Update / October 6th:

I have incorporated different textures in my artwork. My file has a LOT of layers now!!


How does this look to you? Your feedback is welcomed!! Thanks!!!


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