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Herb Lester Map

Thinking about re-making one of Herb Lester's superb maps.

Haven't decided which one, or which part of the map should I reproduce. (Cover, or the actual map) 

Update (May 13th): 

I decided to do Kelli Anderson's Paris map's cover. Here it is: 


So, I had some time this morning to begin the process, and this is how far I've got. 
My biggest struggle was how to create smooth curves. I can tell it's far from perfect, but I couldnt copy it properly. 

Creating the little illustrations on the bottom was fun, I used shapes and practiced the Pathfinder commands. 

I wonder if the texture was made in Ps or illustrator. 

Up close: 

Ok, here's un update. Still havent done that "cord" text (-aris ) yet... I should probably use a tablet to do that. 

Or maybe it was done with the pen tool.... ?! 

How do I add those grain textures around the lights??? Anyone knows? 


I decided to go with lowercase letters for the cord...

It's almost done:)

--------------------------Final update: 

I think it's done. It's not a 100% identical and I had some trouble with the colors by the end, but it's close enough I think. 

It was a great class!! Though I wasn't a total newbie I learned a lot! Thanks Brad! :)


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