Hand Knitted Scarf Label and Branding

Hand Knitted Scarf Label and Branding - student project


This project is the perfect opportunity to create labels for the hand knitted scarves that I have been making. The label with be a clothes hang tag, that can be easily detached from the scarf before it is worn, so I am working with printing on paper.

 The style of the label should reflect that the scarves are knitted with care by hand, to provide a cosy, comforting feel, in warm, rich colours. It would be good to promote a personal touch on the label, to reflect this intimate, snug feeling that I want the scarves to give.

As the scarves are a variety of different colours I need the label to be a colour that will compliment the range, while still communicating the warm colours of the wool.

My aim is to create a label which conveys the traditional knitting methods, but can appeal to people today.

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