Great Portugal Red Wine (Douro)

Great Portugal Red Wine (Douro) - student project

I'm Diego, a brazilian chef, in love with wine world but relative new to this. Here is my review of this lovely Portuguese wine i've tasted with my wife.


Great Portugal Red Wine (Douro) - image 1 - student project

I loved this wine, i'm used to strong flavoured wines, such as Syrah and Bourdeaux, my favorites, but this Douro is one to consider! It's rich and intense, just like it's collor, a dark intense red, almost purple, smells a lot of red berrys, like raspberry and blackberry, but it taste most of spices, like cinamom and clove, a little of blackpepper too. I didn't felt "the rock" to it, Gary, perhaps a litle metal, i don't know how to express in english, but reminds me a soap or shampoo metalic taste, just like when it drops a little in our mouth when we're showering ;)

This was a delightfull experience, i drink a lot of wine, but i've never consider making a personal rating of them, and of course i have my bests, but it was really intereting trying to put into words what i was tasting! I'll give you that, i'll even try to aplly this to my plates! Thank you for the knowledge! You're the best, Gary! ;)

Diego Rhoger
Chef du Cuisine and Restaurateur.