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Geometric Dragon


Hello! My name is Tiko and I'm a Design minor at Ohio State. I like finding new work processes and projects to work on and Skillshare seemed like a great place to get that. I've been really picking up drawing and illustration over the last year or so bear with me on some of these. 

I attempted this project once before with a Bighorn Sheep but somewhere between sketch and Illustrator, it ended up looking like a deer with Ram horns. Also, I didn't keep track of all the steps up to that point and didn't feel comfortable submitting a half baked project. So I decided to start again and to pick an animal that hadn't been picked yet. 


So I don't recall being instructed to pick a natural animal and dragon faces have  a lot of interesting features. Also, I couldn't find a Pokemon I wanted to do.









This is what I have so far in my sketch. I appologise for it being one sided but I'm terrible at drawing things symetrically and it bugs me. I really liked the horns from the first reference but I kind of feel like it ended up looking too much like the reference image. On top of that, one of the techniques used to add to an image in the lesson is to use continued lines and circles to draw relation from one part of the piece to another. I was concerned that the drawing left no room for that so I drew two other iterations to try to get a feel of the geometric shapes that are a part of the face.

The bison from the lesson stands out (to me), not just because it looks like a bison, but because of the extra flair on and around it's face. So I also made a quick attempt at an impromtu background image. So far, it's just a sheild  but I'm thinking that I'll wait until the image is constructed to solidify the guides for the background.

I'd love any feedback!


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