Formatting Poetry and Prose with HTML and CSS

October 2018

There are a lot of great resources for learning HTML and CSS. I want to add to the space by creating a class that focuses on using HTML and CSS to create interactive and visual poetry. This will be the first class of a series. It will introduce students to HTML and CSS, and how they can use them to align text and manage the white space for their work. Following classes will focus on topics like styling the text itself, adding visuals, and adding interaction.

Class Title

Formatting Poetry and Prose with HTML and CSS


Class Description

This class will introduce students to HTML and CSS, two languages used to create for the internet. They will learn how to create HTML elements to display text and write CSS declarations to style them. This is the first in a series of classes and will focus on styling text-alignment and white space. No prior coding knowledge is needed.

  • This class is for writers and poets who want to learn how to use HTML and CSS in their creative work.
  • This class is also for web developers who want to use their skills and tools for more creative work in addition to work work! 



Project Description

Format a poem or prose using HTML and CSS.

  1. Find or create a text that you want to bring to life online. A concrete poem or text that has meaningful white space would be great to play with.
  2. Create a Pen on CodePen for your project.
    1. Add the text of the work as HTML.
    2. Add CSS to style the text's alignment and white space how you'd like.
  3. Share your Pen by copying the link in the address bar. 

Additional resources for when you're working on your project:

  1. Anatomy of an HTML element
  2. Anatomy of a CSS declaration


Video Lesson Outline


introduction Video

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Published Class

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