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Fat Finn ... and Jake

Adventure Time is one best metaphysical teaching aides, so i opted to use the key for this project since Brian's classes are parallel in many regards.

This is the source/inspiration photo


Rationale in proportion alteration
Finn is kno'n for being a slender 13 year old boy, and the characters arms and legs are wobbly (like the dancing inflatables) so given the simplicity of design of the character I opted to break that design intent and make him fat. Using what i learned in part 1 of the classes - Build a Fantasy Character with Shape Language and this part 3 of the class, I transformed the design shapes somewhat and using that to modify the proportions to give a fat Finn. I just added Jake to the final cause ... well they are peas in a pod. However Jake is NOT really modified proportionally cause that is his magical ability .. too change proportions and shape of any part of his body :P

Below is a the blueprint showing both modified and original proportions and shapes
Really liked this part given the process allows you to see how shapes and proportion go hand in hand. Great for character design, modification anddddd animation !!


Project Output
From this concept in mind i was able to determine how to change the proportions to create a fat Finn, that still remained Finn. I modified the original concept from the source image a bit but kept the angles close. This was done in Illustrator.


Lol, having an idea of the show writers style ... won't be surprised they have an episode with a fat finn in it to abstractly teach something ... they have already explored many alterations and dimensions of the characters.

Again thanks Brian for the classes and for getting me to resume drawing and going deeper into the wonderful world of Symbology and all it has to offer in the mundane and outside of.


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