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Julio Real

Illustrator & Concept Artist



Fantasy character design


Hello everyone, nice to meet you all! I have seen plenty of works from some of you and I'm already impressed by the outcome of this class.

For me, I'm not only late, but I'm also terrible at choosing themes. And since for this class I didn't want to be already restrincted by my preexisting own characters and their stories, I decided to get into designing some fantasy-themed characters.

As you may see, the FANTASY theme as I picked it up is quite wide, so I just made different classes of warriors, fighters, some mage, barbarians. Both male and female, thin and fat, muscular and not so muscular and the thing goes on.

There are some that I like because of the pose, but maybe not so much for the the disgn, and there are others with an interesting design but a pretty common pose. I know it's yet too early and that all details are going to appear later, but now I must make the choice.

(I never did thumbnails before, so excuse me if some of them looks somewhat poor)


Well, here I've made a choice about the thumbnails. Some where easy to throw away, but others where a little more difficult to let go. But here's the refining process of my choosing, so I will have now to make the EVEN MORE difficult choice of discarding 4 and keeping just one to make variation of him/her... who will it be??


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