Sam Armijos

Builder of Custom Architectural Fabric Structures



Fabric Architect, LLC. Architecture with Fabric

My name is Sam Armijos and I am President of Fabric Architect a Products and Design/Build firm that specializes in Architectural Fabric Structures.


Fabric Architect LLC specializes in custom tensile fabric structures and architectural umbrellas that enhance your property and protect your outdoor spaces from the elements (rain, wind and snow).

Fabric Architect LLC is owned and operated by Architect Sam Armijos, AIA who has been designing and building fabric structures for over 30 years!

  • We specialize in custom small scale and modular tensile fabric structures.
  • We have a proven process for building complex tensile fabric roofs using a network of independent consultants and manufacturers.
  • Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Business Owners call upon us to provide design assistance, estimates, preliminary loads, fabric samples, specifications, foundation design, fabrication or complete turnkey services.
  • We deal in HDPE, PVC, PTFE and ETFE, just to name a few.
  • We work directly with clients or thru designers, engineers and contractors.

In 2009, I published a book entitled Fabric Architecture (W.W. Norton), as a visual resource catalog, to assist those interested in building fabric structures. I write frequently on the topic and have an international list of consultants and manufacturers at my disposal.

The Social Media Strategy



I have a facebook pages called "Fabric Architect" (please like my page) where I have been posting on a regular bases images of all types of fabric structures to get people's responses. I have included a library of images so people can browse thru the project and hopefully call me if there is something that inspires them to want one for their specific need.



I have an instagram page where I have been putting a hashtag "#fabricarchitect" to get people interested in seeing different tents, awnings, and umbrellas that interest me and hopefully drive them to my site.



I have a Pinterest page which is a collection of fabric structures from around the world which I am pinning to show that I am not only showing my work but showing the work of many of my friends.


My tumblr story is called "The FabricArchitect Diaries" and revolves around my Youtube videos and blogs about fabric structures.



My twitter tag is @samarmijos and I have presently been following people and trying to understand how this works with my company.




I have my own group on LinkedIn called "Fabric Architecture/Fabric Structures" with over 5,000 members. I use this group to start discussion and promote the industry. The membership consist mostly of people in the industry but I want to get "non fabric people" on board to learn and feel more confident in using fabric as a building material.



I have a couple of youtube videos of different market segments of my business. Click here for an example. I love music so I added some music to the videos. I hope you like it and subscibe.


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