Experimenting with Processing and HYPE

Experimenting with Processing and HYPE - student project

I've been programming with Processing for a couple of weeks now, ever since I found www.funprogramming.org , some of those experiments can be found on my blog (p5art.tumblr.com , with the code of the sketches being available on www.openprocessing.org/user/28663). I've also started studying the amazing www.natureofcode.com, although it's a tough one ... but one needs challenges, right? ;)

Back on topic: moving from 'pure' Processing to the HYPE framework was actually quite difficult/confusing for me at first since I had just gotten used to the normal Processing syntax. But I'm adapting quite rapidly, especially since the HYPE framework has some very near features indeed. And also because Joshua is simply very inspiring as a teacher :D

So here are some early attempts, it's not very original yet but I'm trying to get a feel for HYPE ... I've seen some amazing stuff made by other students here, very inspiring and motivating as well!

- Applying the color lessons on a grid layout with an svg element

- Using a detail from an anime (a mouth) in a grid layout

- Random rounded rectangles that are supposed to represent autumn leaves

- And this is supposed to symbolize frost

I've also used one of Joshua's SVG files in an animated, non-HYPE processing sketch:

[ Sept. 21: playing around with HPixelColorist ]

[Sept. 23: playing around with random walkers picking up color values from a photo]

It's not really related to HYPE but it's a kind of generative art created with processing nevertheless ;)

'John Malkovich'

This is more in line with the course again (or at least what I'm able to do with it so far ;)):

[September 25: just a quick attempt to make a pattern that looks a bit imperfect]

[September 26: I'm not sure that processing and svg shapes is really my thing ... I don't seem to really get the hang of it or be able to come up with interesting/original stuff ... ]

[September 27: playing around with different aspects of processing again - this time a HYPE grid and a particle class ]

[September 30: using HPixelColorist and an svg shape to alter a picture of Steve Buscemi]


[October 2: I've vectorized a fingerprint that I've found online and then used different parts of it to create random patterns ... I like the abstract feeling of them but on the other hand maybe all of this is too random ...]

[October 2, part 2: only one part of the finger print, all elements ungrouped and colored independently. I quite like these]

[October 4: experimenting with masks and filters in 'pure' Processing, code here]

 [October 7: nothing to earth-shattering ... just playing around with a mirror effect to create a pattern]

[October 8: experimenting with the noise function (in pure Processing, could be done via HYPE too though)]

(the code for this can be found here)

[October 15: experimenting with recursion]

(example code here)

[October 18: I love combing the old and the new, or to remix old stuff in new ways]

[Oct 25: grids with randomly created 'space invaders', inspired by Jared Tarbell's work]

(example code here)

[Nov 2: still from an animation]

[Nov 13, stills from two more animations]

[December 2nd, some more stills]

[January 18th]

I'm experimenting with applying graphic elements based on the brilliance of the underlying pixel color.

[January 31, 2014]

Experimenting with patterns again

[February 20, 2014]

Some recent experiments ...

May 8, 2014: some photo manipulations

(more here)

(more here)

(more here)

May 22, 2014

(more here)

(more here)

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