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Trey Ingram

Graphic Designer



Electric Love

"Electric Love" by BORNS is the song that inspired this project, and I have had this idea in my sketchbook for a while now with the intent to put it into action. When I found this class I thought it would be the perfect place to build it out and see what develops. 

I have always been fascinated with all those underwater creatures. Mostly because these are animals that have really unique shape, character and abilities. The electric eel is particularly interesting, and in my research I discovered many cool things about them. For some reason, I had it in my head that these were deep-dwelling ocean creatures...not true. Apparently they live in rivers, and are common to the Amazon area. They can grow up to 8 ft long, and use their electricity to stun prey, and to scare off predators. Their charge can get up to 600 volts - crazy!  The more I looked into this wriggling thing I knew it was the right choice. 

Word Bank

Dark, Mysterious, High Voltage, Freshwater, Battery Power, 600 Volts, Amazon, Shocking, Zap


For my first approach I wanted to see how it would look to have the eel wrapped around a large heart, with the custom text in and on top of that main shape. Here is what I came up with so far:


I am going to play around with some different styles on the main text, "Electric Love," and will post that soon. I'd love to hear your feedback on the concept and sketch so far!

Here are some rough sketches where I was able to play with different styles and random doodles:


Ink Stage

Finally getting around to this project again, and I went ahead and inked up the illustration part of this layout. I took comments from classmates into cosideration, and dropped all the seaweed and water flow lines since it made the overall piece too busy. Here is what I settled on so far:


I colored in a bunch of the space around the layout as solid black bc I envisioned this going on a black or dark colored t-shirt. Pretty happy with how the bolts and final layout turned out! 


Not completely sold on the lettering yet, and I am open to any feedback or thoughts you all may have. The original lettering I made in the version above was meant to be a tattoo style...but I am not thrilled about the bounciness of the lettering in "ELECTRIC." It is a pretty awkward space to fill in regards to layout, so I felt the need to explore some different lettering styles. Here is a process shot of some custom script lettering that I felt makes better use of that space:


Vectors & Color Work

I went ahead and added in some textures to help give this piece a vintage look. To fit with my original vision on this piece, I went with a vintage black and gold color scheme. I am trying to keep this limited to a 2-color design so it will be simpler to reproduce once I get it to the screen-printing stage. 



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