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Digital Strategist



Coworking Space Loyalty Strategy

Step 1: Describe your target audience in 2-3 sentences
We want to offer a selection of working solutions, from an open-collaborative atmosphere to a small private office, with a focus on creating a stimulating and pleasing environment, but above all bringing people together to interact and become a community. Our target customer is someone who is willing to invest on an entry level membership of $300/monthly in this service and who has autonomy over where s/he works from.

Step 2: Article your brand narrative
We want to replace “dread” with “joy” and “isolated” with “belonging” when people think about work. Joy, because you love your new way of working and where you work from. Belonging, because you are now surrounded by people, people who know you and support you... people like you.

Step 3: Describe your customer loyalty strategy
We want to deliver a real community and exceptional service; our complete focus will be in providing an experience. Recruiting the right people to hire and to do business with (customers) will be key. We need to develop several initiatives to make a community out of a group of people, a sense of belonging that will be hard to replace. We will interact with customer like friends and we will continually motivate them, tell them how happy we are they are part of this community, encourage, and congratulate them by analog means and by social media. We will monitor feedback through email, surveys, and social media and respond quickly and actionably to every single inquiry.

Step 4.1: Create an Actionable Plan #1: Exceptional Service
I am copy/pasting Your Zappos Case Study, it seems exactly what we would want to do with our people, as far as providing exceptional service goes.

Step 4.2: Create an Actionable Plan #2: Creating Community

Action Step 1: Define and promote our manifesto, hoping to “recruit” future members aligned with us

Action Step 2: Promoting very actively rules of etiquette and accepted behavior, so that the behavior members perceive from other members (without interacting) results in positive or neutral, but hopefully avoiding negative impressions

Action Step 3: Develop a profile per new member the day they sign up for the service via a small interview (Personality, passions, profession, interests)

Action Step 4:
a. Have our very personable people (employees) know personally each and every one of our members, and be able to promote relevant introductions among them
b. Provide members a platform by which they can create a profile of their own and start getting to know each other, introducing others, communicating, and posting activities for others to join in
c. Devise a point-system by which social interaction is rewarded, where badges are incrementally assigned, and prizes are given in incremental significance
d. Make continual events to spur interaction and to have members benefit from social interaction and expertise shared by coworkers or event curator

Action Step 5:
Conduct NPS survey to access how successful initiatives are working, and adapt based on insights
Success Metric:

Our success metric would be referrals for both Plans, how many of our new members got there by word of mouth from somebody that has experienced the service?

Step 5: Articulate your competitive advantage
Our competitive advantage is in meeting valuable and relevant people to you, integration to the community, and the offering of exceptional service, all three hard to replace.

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