Cold Nights by Colin Swift (@colinscamera)

Cold Nights by Colin Swift (@colinscamera) - student project

I've got a sunset and a night image to share.

This was taken the other evening in my small town.  The train tracks shot is a little cliché at this point, but the sun setting over the tracks made for some great light.

I don't have any ND or GND filters, so I exposed for the sky and slightly brightened the foreground in lightroom.  While shooting I tried to keep the rule of thirds in mind for this shot.

This was shot on top of a bluff after a small hike on the outskirts of my small town.  It's a spot I've mountain biked on since I was a little kid but I had never hiked up at night time.  It was cloudy when I first got to the top, but cleared off just before it got too cold. 

I used a self timer and a tripod, framed my shot and then ran into the frame before the shutter went off.  I used a 30 second exposure and tried to stand still while pointing the head lamp up into the sky after painting the bushes next to me with light to seperate my silhouette from them.  I was lucky that it wasn't too windy as well.

Thanks Chris and Skillshare for another inspiring class!