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Cetamura Chianti 2013

I make wine at home from store-bought grape juice from various parts of the world, so i am always on a lookout for wines. I love white wines in general because they have less of a Tanin taste, but I do like reds once in a while, especially if I am eating pasta soaking in red sause!

My favorite red is Argentinan Malbec, but I also love Italian wines, especially after I got to see the vinyards during my last trip to Italy & Greece.

So when I got to drink a Chianti in the restaurent, I took it. I felt that this wine was medium bodied, with a lot of fruity flavor, especially of the "black" variety. Surprisingly it was very mild (low on tanins), and easy to drink. (I have tasted Chiantis that have had a full-body (almost like a Borolo)). The taste was good, but didn't linger around for too long, like the way I prefer. I believe that overall, i loved the taste, and will purchase it again!


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