Capturing scale, light, color and vanishing points. Oh, and obvioulsy being lit.

Capturing scale, light, color and vanishing points. Oh, and obvioulsy being lit. - student project

What's good everybody?

Hopefully you guys are doing well, and had a pop tart this week. I certainly have.

In this project, I will be going over scale, light, color, and vanishing points. I have a couple of photos to share with you, that highlight the photographic elements we are looking for.

Scale - One important thing when it comes to shooting scale, is composition. Filling up the shot with the enviroment, makes for a more complete photo. It's like ordering a full meal instead of just an appetizer. That actually just made me hungry again.

Light - Before we even go into this aspect, shout outs to Sean Paul and the song "Gimme the light". Literally my motto for this photographic element, and one of the reasons why I love shooting. When it comes to shooting light, it doesn't always have to be just harsh light or shadows. Artificial light, like neon signs, is also a cool element to play with. What I typically do is shoot with a higher f stop (f5.6-f11), to capture a bit more of the shadows and detail in shots where I'm chasing light.

Color - When it comes color in photos, I always love to see colors that are pleasing to the eye. Or something that immediately grabs my attention. I will admit that I haven't went to art school, or photography school, but what I do know is what draws my attention. I feel thats the essintial part in looking for colors to photograph in the world. Also to bring a beverage with you while doing so, it can take a while.

Vanishing Point - Finding vanishing points, can feel like looking for big foot sometimes. But when you do find one, it's always cool to see what different ways you can compose each shot depending on your surroundings. Some key things to keep in mind with vanishing points is symmetry, and depth.

So I would love to see what you guys come up with for each photographic element. Remember that this should be fun, and take everything in stride. Photography isn't a competition, it's therapy. If any of you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Peace and a bottle of hair grease,

Steven "Sweatpants" Irby

Photographer, Ginger Ale Connoisseur