Bloomin' Skills

Bloomin' Skills - student project


I've been working on this class for weeks. I started taking the "Affinity Designer" class from Liz [looking forward to finishing and for more like it!], and that brought me to Society 6 and that brought me to Folklore and Nouveau and wow! I'm finally getting back to this class.

And my skills are blooming!

In the Nouveau class, I was inspired with an idea I'd been stuck trying to design but now had the resources to create: a "sunshine" floral for my granddaughter. That design I duplicated to turn into a black and white design that Adobe Capture could vectorize so I could import it into Affinity Designer. I did not include the text, since that's easily created in Affinity Designer.

I was able to group all the flower parts, the leaves, the stems, etc into group layers and then easily was able to color and add the text in many ways-- here's a screenshot of the different styles, texts, and formats that I'm still refining be for uploading into Society 6.

Bloomin' Skills - image 1 - student project

I do have a question:

My iPad in Affinity Designer seems to only create documents at 72 DPI and I then need to adjust the size to 300 dpi.  I'm wondering -- did I miss something in the settings? I cannot see a place to indicate DPI in the documents of Affinity Designer.   

I feel like I'm a garden of blossoms now blooming with my new skills!  Thank you.


Update: I've got the DPI figured out -- thank you Liz.

Floral Redesign

As the sun sets earlier now and days are getting colder, I enjoy the color of the autumn leaves. So I recolored my floral design with the Maya Angelou quote. I wrote a bit about that here.

I tried to upload to Society 6. I was able to revise my shop header -- I already had one item uploaded, but now I cannot upload anything. I've tried many, many times with various sizes and designs and different browsers, but it just will not go to the "next" page. I've notified support.


Bloomin' Skills - image 2 - student project


I thought it was me and my images, but Red Bubble works perfectly. That means that Society 6 has an issue. Very frustrating, but I persevere!

Bloomin' Skills - image 3 - student project


I also uploaded my Warblers; they are not vectorized, however.

Bloomin' Skills - image 4 - student project