Ankita Dutta

Teacher and Tattoo Artist



Become an Excellent Henna Tattoo Artist

In this course I am going to teach you step-by-step process of applying henna tattoo. Even if you have no experience with henna tattoo, don't worry at all as this course is for people like you. 

After taking this course, I am sure you will be able to do your own henna tattoo rather than spending a lot of money on tattoo designers. In this course I have explained in detail about the practice technique which you can master before applying it directly on your skin. Also, I have explained how to make henna cone on your own at home.

I am very excited about this course and I am eagerly waiting to see all of your designs. Let's get started.

Project Description

Please share your photo in the class project.

In the tattoo practice video I have shared the technique to practice the tattoo before printing on your skin. 

Do the same and share your experience and images here in the class project.

Introduction video:

Class Outline 

Published Course -


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