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3 easy steps to start drawing portraits TODAY!

New class on drawing is here. It's filled with tips and tricks on how to draw portraits and is accompanied with PDFs and other references that a student might need on his or hers journey through drawing. :) :) :)

About This Class: 3 easy steps to start drawing portraits TODAY!!!

Hello everyone,

Whether I make drawings for clients, or for personal projects I always try to make my work efficient and the final result a great looking drawing. How do I do it? With lots and lots of practice done beforehand.

In this class, you'll go behind-the-scenes as I share my process of drawing exercises. From introducing you to 3 basic principles of sketching portraits to hand postures and finally the actual drawing, I’ll provide you with helpful tips for better understanding of shapes and lines. All for one purpose – to get better at your craft of line making and making portraits.  


Create a strong foundation for your drawing process and from there make art that your friends and family would love to see on their walls.

  • Gather up materials such as pencils and sketchbooks. Set up your workplace and start drawing.
  • Make simple exercises described in the videos.
  • Experiment with different views.
  • See how the individual forms fit into a whole shape.
  • Use simple lines to describe these shapes.

Start making drawings with confidence of a professional draughtsman.

Creating something out of nothing is a very satisfying and in time you’ll achieve more and more confidence in your artistic process. In this course we’ll cover much of drawing portraits and split it up to easy to follow steps that can only benefit your drawing skills.

Here is a link so check it out if you find this interesting - New drawing class



As a continuation of Drawing Exercises series I made a new class, this time focusing on drawing hands. It took me a while but I think it has enough material for you all who are at the beginning or intermediate level. I missed a previous few challenges but I made it as part of October publishing party challenge and I would like to thank all that supported me on this one. You are the greatest. :)

Here are Premium and FREE links for all of you who would like to check it out. 

Have a nice day and happy creating,



Summer of 2018 is upon us and with that a new SkillShare challenge. I find these challenges very motivational so I try to join them as often as I can. For the latest one I decided to make a class on drawing hands. It is a continuation of my previous class about human anatomy where I mentioned that in the next few class I'll go into more details on drawing individual parts of the human body. 

Here is the outline if you would like to check how I planned it. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

I wish you all a good day and good luck with your classes :) 


Hello everyone,

It's time for another drawing exercises class class. :)

Here are Premium and FREE links for all of you who would like to check it out. 

This time it will about anatomy and in a way it will be a continuation of a previous class - Using stick figures in Figure drawing. There will be a lot of drawing and a lot of practices. 

That's it for now, see you soon and good luck with your work. :)


Hello dear students and fellow teachers,

So, the new class is published and is slowly growing. :) :) :)

It's about drawing figures starting with stick figures and improving on them. I love the fact that after two classes about perspective I can go back and my favorite subject - figures, yeeej.

If you're interested, here you can take a look at it.

Also, If you have any comment please live it here and if you would like to suggest some other title for the class it would be more then welcomed. :)

See you later and have a great day,



Hello everyone,

just wanted to let you know that I started working on a new class and this time it will be about figure drawing for beginners. I guess it will take me a month or so to finish it so stay tuned if you're interested. And also:

Part two of my Drawing exercises in perspective is live and you can watch it here:

Premium link

Free link

Also, from the period of December 15 to December 31 this class will be free for all students and if I haven't messed up anything, :) here is 2018 New Year FREE link :)

This is a brief description of the class and you can find more about it on the about page of the class:

Graphic design, illustration, painting, all of those have their foundation in line making so knowing your lines can be very helpful. The main focus of the class will be linear perspective that calls to us to use our analytic abilities and I know many students will enjoy learning about it. It is mostly suited for students with beginner level of knowledge but even more advanced students can find interesting material, so I hope you all will enjoy.

In this second class about perspective we'll talk about core principles of drawing in one, two and three point perspective. We’ll see what you can exercise to get better at drawing in perspective and how it can benefit your drawing skills in general.


Now it’s time for your project:

  1. Finish watching the course.
  2. Make exercises that are showed in the videos. Post them in the project gallery and I’ll leave a comment as soon as I can. The more you do the better you’ll get at drawing.
  3. Expand from there, keep on drawing new subjects applying stuff that you learned in this class, and please, ask for feedback, and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.
  4. Practice, practice, practice.

If you have any comments please leave it here as any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)


Hello everyone. It's been a while since I made a class and I just wanted to inform you that the new class is here. This time it's about perspective. For me, that is a large subject so I'll dedicate more classes to it and this one is the first one.  Here is the link -

Drawing Exercises - Linear perspective - Part one This is a Premium link but if you have a free account here is a FREE link. Enjoy. :) :) :)

Drawing exercises is a series of classes dedicated to the craft of drawing and all it's secrets. Check out the first one in the series - 

Drawing exercises - basics of line making

It has more than two hours of video material and it is my longest class so far. Hope you'll like it. :)

Other class in the series are:

Drawing exercises - Shading objects and human figures

Drawing exercises - figure drawing with simple shapes


Hello SkillShare people! :)

Second Drawing Exercises class is here and this time it's about shading - ways to bring your drawing to life with hatching and crosshatching. Third class is on it's way, hope you'll like it.

Also, here is the first class - Drawing exercises: figure drawing with simple shapes

This is a description that I wrote for it:

Learn the basics of shading objects and human figures and how to use drawing materials to enhance the look of your work. This course aims to overcome the challenge of proper shading and prepare you for creating beautiful drawings.

Create a strong foundation for your drawing process and from there make art that your friends and family would love to see on their walls.

  • Gather up materials and set up your workplace
  • Practice simple exercises to master your lines
  • Follow step by step instructions
  • Create your starting sketch of a human figure
  • Apply all the things you learned in the course and shade that figure

Start making drawings with confidence of a professional draughtsman.

Learning the basics of drawing and particularly shading is a great way to improve artistic toolbox. Works you crate can become a great part of your creative career or a passionate hobby. They can be sold as originals or as prints. Excellent choice for a present or a decoration for your home. Finally, you can use them as a reference for a painting done in some other medium. The choice is up to you.

Creating something out of nothing is a very satisfying and in time you’ll achieve more and more confidence in your artistic process. In this course will cover much of it and split it up to easy to follow steps that can only benefit your work.

                                                    Introduction videos


Hello everyone,

new class is published! Here's a brief description:

In this 50-minute class, you'll go behind-the-scenes as I share my process of drawing exercises. From introducing you to 3 basic principles of drawing to hand postures and finally the actual drawing, I’ll provide you with helpful tips for better understanding of shapes and lines. All for one purpose – to get better at your craft of line making.  

Throughout the class, I’ll emphasizes the benefits and techniques of simplifying shapes in order to create compelling sketches. It's a perfect class for everyone who wants to be inspired to draw. No prior knowledge or experience required, just the love to make lines.

Here is the introduction video, any feedback is greatly appreciated


New class is published. Finally.

Here is the introduction video.


Adobe Illustrator is a great software for any illustrator nowadays. Especially if you're using some sort of graphic tablet. If you're new to this or you don't have all the equipment but want to learn more this is the perfect class for you. In it you will see how to quickly and effectively transform any photo or drawing into interesting piece of vector art using just a computer mouse. Watch me how to use the pen tool and other tools to achieve this. 

This class is meant for beginners in Illustrator but basically anyone can benefit from it. 

Also there will be a bonus material for all who finish their project. Upon completion of your work and posting it in the gallery I'll provide you with a link where you can download Illustrator brushes that will enrich your digital work. The same ones that I used in the class videos. 

So, take a look and have fun in Illustrator.



Hello everyone, I just published my Digital Painting class and I would love to hear what you have to say about it. :) 

Here is the sample video as well -

Here is Class Description and below is the Class Project. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Class Description

Whether you are an independent artist making conceptual pieces or a designer looking to develop painting skills for commercial work, this class will explore a method of painting inside the Photoshop that will help you do just that. Here we’ll try to develop your painting style and technique, give you technical walk through for transforming your designs from gray scale images to fully colored artworks and show some helpful keyboard shortcuts.

You can follow this course by making your own gray scale image and then color it or use attached templates, whichever way works for you best. That way anyone will be able to take this class and easily follow along with my step-by-step instructions. What is important is to familiarize yourself with the process and paint.

I can’t wait to see what you guys create.

Finally, as a reward for finishing the course and leaving a project I prepared a bonus package. It contains resources for your future digital work.  

Class Project


For the class project try out this way of painting and share the result!

You can:

  • Use your own gray scale image to color,
  • Make a gray scale image from scratch that you’ll colorize or
  • Add colors to a template that I provided for you.

Find the way that works for you the best and paint. :)  By the way, as a reminder, I prepared a short list of steps that I made in the course for you to follow along.


Upload the following to your Student Project:

  • Once you've gone through coloring, post what you came up with,
  • Share with us your thoughts about painting in Photoshop and what you've learned working with color.

That’s it. I hope this work will help your digital painting process and when you post your project in the project gallery I’ll reply with a link where you can download some neat resources such as brush packs, textures, gradients and actions. Nice, right! :)


Attached you can find:

  • Templates for coloring,
  • Step by step: from gray scale to color – a written overview of the painting process,
  • Several samples of my illustration work that uses this technique

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts chart

Have fun and see you soon. :)


New Fall Publishing Plan is here, hopefully I'll make it on time, I'm still on the first course, working on second one. :) This time I plan to make a class about digital painting. How to paint in Photoshop from gray-scale to full color. Hope you'll find it interesting and knowledgeable. Here it is

Fall Publishing Plan

First part is done, two to go. Watercolors Painting: painting outdoors. I'll share with you tips and tricks how to go about it and help you any other way that I can, so, leave a review or a comment, and I'll see you there. Also, here are some

Free enrollment links and 

Premium enrollment link for all of you with that membership :)

( For my next class I plan to work on digital painting. So far I did just the watercolors courses, hope you'll enjoy my new stuff ) 


Painting with watercolors is an amazing experience and you obtain results that you can´t get with any other medium. In this class I'll show you how I paint outdoors. I'll also give you tips on how to prepare for this trip and what materials would you need. You will also watch me paint every stage of my watercolor and hear comments about the process.


- Watercolor exercise. Follow this video course and make the exercise to better understand how to paint the live subject matter and be ready when the time comes to go outside. Time spent doing this can become most valuable time you can invest into your knowledge and creativity! And it`s fun!

- Your own watercolor landscapes. Really fun assignment with two big benefits: you'll be creating something interesting, and gaining a deeper understanding of working with watercolors.

Use the wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques and choose a landscape scenery that you'll enjoy recreating on paper. Important thing is to find a motif that is interesting to you and that you'll have fun transferring onto the paper.


Use the video lessons, resources below, and discussion sections for inspiration and guidance. For this assignment you will need watercolors, few brushes, bottle of water, some kind of palette for mixing colors, paper pad, bag to carry all the materials and other stuff that will make your painting even more enjoyable depending on the time of year and weather. These can include hats, camping chair, sun lotion, some device for playing music...  


- My previous watercolor course - Watercolor painting: create beautiful landscapes

- Watercolors -

- My favorite paper -

- Facebook page for all who love watercolors -

- My favorite watercolor artist -

- Art books on watercolor painting on Amazon -


exercise examples
shots of work in progress
finished works

You don´t have to scan the finished piece, you can also take a picture with your phone and upload it. If you are scanning it, remember to do it at 600 ppi so you can use it for bigger things later.


-Lana Artists Drawing Paper Pad - A4, 150gsm -

-Winson & Newton water colour set -

-Watercolor brushes, all sizes and manufacturers

-Ice cube pans for palette. 

Here you can see more of my work:


Painting with watercolors is very addicting and the more you do it, the better you get and you start to understand how the paint behaves and how the brush moves in your hands. It becomes something very personal, because nobody can paint like you! So go outside and paint.


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