Took place on February 17, 3:00pm. EST

Fine-Tune Your Financial Savvy – Live with Justin Bridges

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Justin Bridges
Fashion Photographer, Former Finance Pro

About this Live Session

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Thinking about going fully freelance? Looking to fine tune your financial savvy? Just sort of lost in your budget and need some help? Justin Bridges is here to help!

Join Justin, an acclaimed photographer who started his career in finance, in this accessible and clear breakdown of common financial pitfalls and how to avoid them. With insights from his first career at Goldman Sachs as well as his current career as a freelance photographer and podcaster, Justin knows the value of simple, straightforward financial learning. Whether you're thinking about quitting your 9-5 to start a freelance career or simply would like some guidance to have a more stress-free financial life, Justin's tips and teachings will help you achieve your goals.

Skillshare Premium Members are invited to join us on February 17th for a live online Zoom session with Justin Bridges all about personal finance. The session will run for approximately 60 minutes. Click the “Remind Me” button above to register! 

Justin Bridges is a fashion and portrait photographer based in New York City. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Justin began his pursuit of photography as a college student studying finance and economics.

Although he opted for an early career as a finance professional at Goldman Sachs, he realized the need to align his career with his love of photography. Today, he balances his photography career with a passion for personal finance.

Justin's approach is to capture the untraveled moment and apply a feeling of art and thoughtfulness to each photograph. His Skillshare classes on both photography and finance have helped over 50,000 students learn and grow in their creative careers.

This live session will include:

  • A breakdown of the most common financial pitfalls Justin has seen new freelancers experience
  • Simple, actionable ways to get yourself out of these situations or avoid them entirely
  • Insightful exercises to help you understand your spending habits and relationship with money
  • A Q&A with Justin to tackle any burning questions you have about freelance careers 

Throughout the session, you’ll be encouraged to work alongside Justin and ask questions. Feel free to add questions in advance of the event using the discussion forum below, or bring them live to the Zoom session. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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