Took place on February 21, 5:30pm. EST

Filming & Editing AMA with Jon Brommet

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Jon Brommet
Crusoe Design Co.
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About this Live Session

Hello people of the internet!

On Wednesday February 21st I will be answering questions on how to make your classes look good. If you are anything like me, I didn't have any real background in filming, production, audio editing, lighting, etc. But through 20+ Skillshare classes I've learned a lot and I am happy to pass that along to you!

Join me live at 5:30pm Eastern, or ask your question now and I will answer it on the 21st. Whatever is most convenient for you!

No topics are off limits, so if you'd rather ask a question about design, illustration, or software, go right ahead.

Look forward to chatting then!

- Jon

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