Took place on September 08, 3:00pm. EDT

Discover the Self Through Photography—Live Class with Desdemona Dallas

Go on a journey of self-discovery with photographer Desdemona Dallas!

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About this Live Session

Go on a journey of self-discovery with photographer Desdemona Dallas!

Skillshare Premium members are invited to join us on Wednesday, September 8th at 3:00PM EDT for a live online Zoom session with Desdemona Dallas, all about using photography for exploration and discovery of the self. This session will run for approximately 60 minutes. Click the button above to register! 

This live session will include: 

  • Eye-opening journaling prompts, designed to both help you access your innermost self and create a gorgeous photo shoot
  • Tips and tricks for using color, lighting, and editing to evoke a specific emotion in your photographs
  • Expert guidance on the differences in power and emotion you can elicit with one photograph as opposed to a conceptual photography series

This class will be perfect for photographers of all levels, whether you’re just starting out, a professional looking to access some new inspiration, or somewhere in between!

You will need: 

  • A journal and something to write with 
  • A camera—anything from a DSLR to the one on your phone!—to practice what you’ve learned after the class

New York-based photographer Desdemona Dallas believes in using photography to answer the deepest questions of the self. Their work, which has been featured in The Village Voice, BUST, and Vice, evokes a sense of home, and is designed to help the viewer reach a place of calm, meditative practice. When they’re not busy passing on their knowledge as a Top Teacher on Skillshare, they are working with artists and brands to create unique stories through images. 


How to Participate: 

  • Click the button above to register for the live session.
  • On the day of the event, the "register" button will change to a "join live session" button at the time the class starts. Make sure you’re subscribed to “Updates from Skillshare” in your account settings to receive an email reminder 15 minutes before the session starts.  
  • Come with your questions, or just listen in! 


What to Know About Zoom: 

  • Zoom is a free online video conferencing tool. Download it to your device here. Note: Zoom will download automatically when you join your first call. 
  • Once you’ve joined the Zoom call, use the “chat” window to type your questions in real time. We’ll get through as many as possible! 
  • To make sure everyone can hear, we’ll be using Zoom’s “mute” feature so that audio is coming through from the teacher’s end only. 
  • You are encouraged (but not required) to turn on your camera.
  • We want to keep Zoom a safe space for everyone — please abide by Skillshare’s community guidelines throughout the session.

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