Took place on June 28, 2:00pm. EDT

Creating Your Identity - Live with Marie-Noëlle Wurm

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Marie-Noëlle Wurm
Artist, illustrator, stargazer
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When you’re an LGBTQ person or a third-culture kid, work goes into creating yourself beyond the boundaries of stereotypes and fear. For LGBTQ artists, creative expression can be a matter of personal identity and truth. Join acclaimed artist Marie-Noelle Wurm for a joyful and celebratory class about the power of using who you are — whoever that may be — in your work and letting vulnerability shine in your art.

Skillshare Premium Members are invited to join us on 6/28 for a special Pride Month live online Zoom session with Marie-Noëlle Wurm about artwork and personal identity. The session will run for approximately 45 minutes. Click the “Remind Me” button above to register! 

Marie-Noëlle Wurm is a French-American-German artist and illustrator. She thinks the creative part of ourselves is deeply connected to the natural world that surrounds us, and this is one of the foundations of her work. A big part of her process is trying to get to the truths at our core, the truth of what it means to be human: connected to a natural world that is so much bigger than us, and yet also connected to an infinite richness within us – our capacity for self-awareness, for creativity, for building imaginary worlds from within.

This live session will include:

  • The opportunity to paint or draw alongside Marie-Noëlle in an exercise designed to express who you are
  • A live Q&A about art, the creative process, and identity 

Throughout the session, you’ll be encouraged to work alongside Marie-Noëlle and ask questions. Feel free to add questions in advance of the event (discussion forum below) or bring them live to the Zoom session. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How to Participate: 

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  • Come with your questions, or just listen in! 

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