Took place on July 25, 10:00am. EDT

Class Production AMA with Tom Froese

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Tom Froese
Illustrator and Designer
Top Teacher

About this Live Session

As a teacher of a few successful classes on Skillshare, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about producing your own classes and how to make the most of them once you publish!

Please check out my two most successful classes, Inky Illustrations and Inky Maps, to see what my classes are like. Along the way, see if any questions pop up. 

Example discussion topics

  • Coming up with a class idea
  • Planning your class
  • How long it takes to make a class
  • How to record (audio and video)
  • How to edit
  • Engaging with your students
  • Student engagement
  • What happens after you publish

I welcome all questions related to producing a class on Skillshare, whether you are an illustrator or not!

See you on July 25th!

Please note: this AMA is in real-time, written format in the comments section below. 

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