Took place on June 06, 9:00am. EDT

Class Planning AMA with Rich Armstrong

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Rich Armstrong
Product Designer
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About this Live Session

Hey! My name is Rich from Tap Tap Kaboom. I like to call myself a world-class generalist. Or a unicorn. I love creating + making. Especially Skillshare classes. And I’m here to answer any and all your questions about planning your Skillshare class!

I know it can feel overwhelming. But I’ve published a ton of classes and love planning them! So shoot with your questions – they can be about any stage of your planning. They they can be big questions. They can be small. Don’t be shy and don’t feel like you’re being silly.

Leave your questions below*, and we'll see you here on Thursday, June 6th!

If you want specific feedback on your outline or class planning, drop the link to your outline or project. I’ll check it out!


* This AMA is a written Q&A held in the comments section below. We will write responses to your questions in real-time. But feel free to ask questions beforehand.

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