Took place on April 10, 2:00pm. EDT

Class Planning AMA with Irina

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Irina Trzaskos
Watercolor Artist & Illustrator
Top Teacher

About this Live Session

Hi, I'm Irina, Top Skillshare teacher, watercolor artist, and illustrator, I have a successful channel of 20+ classes here @ Skillshare. Next Tuesday, April 10th I’ll be here to answer any questions you have about planning your class.

I am looking forward to sharing with you tips, resources, feedback and best practices for planning a clear, well-organized and engaging class.

Whether you've got questions about your class idea, outlining the lessons, developing a class project, and/or approaching the best way to deliver the content, I'm here to help!

Leave your questions below and I will see you back here on Tuesday, April 10th, 2 PM EDT.

I am so excited to hear your questions and all about the new classes, you are creating!

If you would like specific feedback on a class you are planning at the moment, feel free to drop a link to your class outline or project and I’ll check it out.

*Please note that this AMA is a written Q&A held in the comments section below. I will write responses to your questions in real-time.

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