Took place on July 03, 10:00am. EDT

Class Planning AMA with Ira Marcks!

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Ira Marcks
Graphic Novelist
Top Teacher

About this Live Session

I'm Ira, illustrator, and cartoonist. In my Skillshare classes, I explore ways to create meaningful illustrations and tell visual stories. I'm glad you're here! I think teaching is an important part of being creative and I'm here to help you get your new class up and running.

It doesn't matter where you are in your process: refining a class topic, building a lesson outline, designing a class project, getting students involved, I'm here to help!

I'm happy to offer tips on wherever you are in your creative process. I've been through all the ups and downs, and I'm happy to share my experiences and the things I've learned along the way.

If you'd like feedback on a specific aspect of your outline or planning process, drop a link in the comments and I'll take a look.

*Please note that this AMA is a written Q&A held in the comments section below. We will write responses to your questions in real-time.

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