Took place on May 22, 2:00pm. EDT

Class Merchandising & Marketing AMA with Caitlin Sheffer

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Caitlin Sheffer
Watercolor Artist & Designer
Top Teacher

About this Live Session

Hey y'all!

I'm Caitlin Sheffer - artist, designer, and Skillshare top teacher. After having my son, I knew wanted to spend more time at home and needed to restructure my business to allow for a more flexible schedule. Teaching classes on Skillshare was the solution I had been looking for, and quickly became my favorite creative project (not to mention a substantial part of my income)!

I'm passionate about helping others develop their creativity and businesses, and can't wait to answer all your questions about class merchandising and marketing. It's easy to pour all your efforts into creating the perfect course, but so much of your success relies on how you market and display your content! I'm here to help you navigate that process and will offer my input on any questions you may have. I love the sense of community found here on Skillshare, and hope we can all encourage each other along the way!

*Please note that this AMA is a written Q&A session held in the comment section below. Your questions will be answered in real-time. 

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