Took place on June 12, 6:00pm. EDT

Class Merchandising AMA with Mel Armstrong

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Mel Armstrong
Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher
Top Teacher

About this Live Session


I’m Mel, an Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer and Skillshare teacher.  I’m excited to be here to answer any questions you may have on merchandising your Skillshare Class in the way of class descriptions, cover images, titles, etc.

I’ve just had my 2 year teaching anniversary here at Skillshare and in those years I've discovered some great ways to merchandise my classes. 

I’d love to share these tips with you as you launch your first class. 

Leave your questions below, and I look forward to seeing you here on the 12th of June.

*Please note that this AMA is a written Q&A held in the comments section below. We will write responses to your questions in real-time on the 12th of June.

x Mel


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