Took place on November 12, 5:00pm. EST

Ask Me What to paint the next!

Live stream with

Olga Peregood

About this Live Session

I am so glad to receive wonderful reviews and hearts about my Watercolor Treasure Chest: 7 Techniques For Amazing Watercolors class so I want to made my NEXT class even more exciting!

Please, tell me what you want me to paint in watercolor in my NEXT class?

  1. Do you have a lovely dog?
  2. or cat reading this post with you?
  3. Parrot  chewing your brush?
  4. Spam me with crazy ideas and extremely cute photographs of animals,
  5. babies,
  6. dancers.
  7. Boats,
  8. cottages,
  9. gardens,
  10. cars are welcome as well.
  11. Don’t forget to mention what's your flower in comments below and who knows, your favorite flower might be a star of a show!

With my style I can paint everything! Let`s make our NEXT party together and have fun!

I am right here and love to hear from you - Thursday 12 November 5-7 PM (EST, Toronto)

Thank everyone who attends this converstion and asks questions, posts requests. I really appreciate this!

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