Took place on July 21, 1:00pm. EDT

AMA with Skillshare's Business & Tech Content Manager

Live stream with

Astrid Adam
Community Manager @ Skillshare

About this Live Session

Nina, Skillshare's Business & Tech Content Lead, is hosting a discussion on the future of business + tech classes on Skillshare. She is so excited to speak with all of you and share tips for finding success as a teacher on Skillshare.

Moreover, Nina will cover topics such as how Skillshare markets business + tech classes, why Skillshare is focused on adding more business + tech classes, and her insights into what the most successful business + tech teachers do.

This is a great opportunity to speak with someone who has a deep understanding of business + tech on Skillshare! Post your questions for Nina here and check back at 1pm on Friday for her answers!

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