Took place on January 24, 2:00pm. EST

AMA with Rich Armstrong

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Rich Armstrong
Product Designer
Top Teacher

About this Live Session

Hey everyone!

My name is Rich and I like creating (designing, coding, doodling, animating). One of the funnest/most awesome things I get to do is make Skillshare classes. I get to use a bunch of different skills and can manage the process from start to end (and help people, and get paid). Check out my current classes here.

As part of the VIP Teacher Training I’m hear to answer any questions you have around recording, editing, screen casting, getting your sound right, and any other questions you may have around teaching.

I’m excited (in a super honest-to-goodness way) to answer your questions, offer advice, and help you create an awesome class!

Leave your questions below and see you on January 24th at 2pm EST.

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