Took place on November 18, 1:00pm. EST

AMA with Ria Sharon

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Ria Sharon
Practice Makes Better.

About this Live Session

Hey everyone! As a part of my November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge, I'll be here live on Wednesday, November 18 to chat with you about the magic of sketching!

If you are participating in the November session, or enrolled in my Sketchbook Magic class, or are thinking about starting an art practice or are curious about art or have questions for me about how I got started in the visual arts... you know the drill, ASK ME ANYTHING! ;)

Leave your questions below! I look forward to seeing you here.


I'm an artist/illustrator obsessed with process and practice. It's my dream and my mission is to make art every day. I've been involved in visual communication for almost 20 years and an advocate for the graphic design profession — I served as President of The American Institute of Graphic Arts, St. Louis Chapter and on the National Board of AIGA. I've also created online learning experiences since 2010, including the pilots of Brené Brown’s eCourses, Renée Trudeau’s The Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal, and Hopeful World’s Your Emotional Wisdom and The Story of You.

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