Took place on January 11, 2:00pm. EST

AMA with Keith Yamashita, on Storytelling for Leaders

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Keith Yamashita
Founder, SYPartners

About this Live Session

I'm Keith Yamashita of SYPartners.

As a part of my workshop on Storytelling for Leaders, I will be hosting an Ask Me Anything session for students working through their first draft. I can answer questions about your story and your crafting/drafting process—and help you get unstuck!

(Note: this AMA is geared toward students enrolled in the workshop, which might be you. If that's not you, you can enroll in my Storytelling for Leaders class now, begin drafting your story, and join the discussion!)

I'll be answering questions on Monday, January 11th, from 11:00am-1:00pm PST (2:00-4:00pm EST). 

I hope to hear from you then,


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