Took place on November 23, 4:00pm. EST

AMA with Kasem Kharsa

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Kasem Kharsa

About this Live Session

Welcome to my first AMA. This AMA is in conjunction with my 'Write the First Draft of Your Short Film' Nov 16th - Dec 14th Session, — a one-month challenge to write your short film. However, feel free to join in even if you aren't participating in the session!

AMA means Ask Me Anything, and you can ask pretty much anything you like, although preferably centered around the topic of screenwriting, writing workshops, short films, my Skillshare class, etc.

If this time day/time doesn't work for you feel free to send me your questions beforehand and I'll answer them.

I'm looking forward to having a conversation with you all! Thanks for joining and I'll see you on December 7th!

- K

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