Took place on November 16, 4:00pm. EST

AMA with Joseph Alessio

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Joseph Alessio
Typographic Illustrator / Image Maker / Animator

About this Live Session

Hi all! Welcome to my first AMA. This AMA is in connection with my November session, Hand-Lettering Beyond the Page: Create the Perfect Holiday Gift in 30 Days—a one-month challenge to combine hand-lettering with an object to create a unique and meaningful holiday gift or decoration. However, feel free to join in even if you aren't participating in the project!

AMA means Ask Me Anything, and you can ask pretty much anything you like, although preferably centered around the topic of hand-lettering or typography, my Skillshare class or the session itself. 

I'm looking forward to having a conversation with you all! Thanks for joining and I'll see you on the 14th!

-Joseph Alessio

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