Took place on November 17, 2:00pm. EST

AMA with Jordy Vandeput

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Jordy Vandeput
Filmmaker and Youtuber
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About this Live Session

Hey folks, my name is Jordy and I'm very excited that you're all here!

Since 2012 I've been producing and presenting online classing. What started out as a passionate hobby became my full time job.

With a small team we produce 2 episodes per week for our Youtube audience and extend the little tips and tricks we share there over to Skillshare in the form of in depth, premium classes.

Working with such a tight schedule all the time, it's not always that easy to retain the quality we strive for. But we're kicking it everytime!

So I'm thrilled to share that I am collaborating with Skillshare to lead their Teach Challenge launching November 13th! This training is designed to help new teachers get their class up and running in 30 days. I'll be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to answer any questions about teaching on Skillshare, as well as sharing my tips and tricks, so if you've ever considered teaching your own class, I highly recommend joining their challenge.

If you'd like to join, please sign-up using this form. Once you complete the form, you will be directed to the Teach Challenge landing page to join.

*Please note that this AMA is a written Q&A held in the comments section below. We will write responses to your questions in real-time.

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