Took place on October 25, 3:30pm. EDT

AMA with Faye Brown

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Faye Brown
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About this Live Session

Hi Everyone! I'm Faye... As part of the October teaching challenge I'll be here for an AMA session.  I've been teaching on Skillshare for over 5 years now so hopefully I can help you all get started with your own teaching journeys. 

I can't wait to answer any questions you may have regarding any part of your class creation - ideas, production, splitting your class into separate lessons or marketing. Over the years I've learnt a few things that make the process easier and I don't really have any fancy equipment - so if I can do it, so can you!

I'm really looking forward to hearing all about your classes and hopefully I can help you make the most of your class and gaining students. 

So pop this in your calendar and join me on Wednesday the 25th October!

The AMA is in written form, ask your questions in the comments below nearer the time or live. I will be here live answering your questions but I understand not everyone can always make it so if you have a question please feel free to leave it here closer to the date. 


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