Took place on March 07, 3:30pm. EST

AMA with Faye Brown - Top tips for class creation

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Faye Brown and I’ve been a teacher on Skillshare for almost 5 years now teaching on subjects from branding, typography, creativity and photography. Along the journey I’ve learned a lot about creating successful classes that will keep my students engaged. 

On the 7th March at 15.30 EST I’ll be answering your questions live here on Skillshare about all things related to creating classes. So if you have any questions at all then please post them below and I’ll be back to answer them live.

I’m really excited to share my experiences and tips with you guys and hope you find creating classes as fun and as rewarding as I do!

If you'd like to check out my classes and profile then please take a look here.

Please note the AMA is a written Q&A and I will reply to your questions below in the comments. 

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