Took place on November 18, 12:00pm. EST

AMA with Emily Gould

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Emily Gould

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Are you a writer who's working on short nonfiction and in need of new ideas, inspiration, or a creativity reboot? Do you have questions about the book industry, feminist literature, independent publishing, working and living online?  I am happy and eager to share whatever expertise I've gained in the last ten years with you. 

I work as a writer and editor and I'm the author of a novel, Friendship, and an essay collection, And The Heart Says Whatever. I got my start at a large commercial publishing house and now I co-run a small independent publishing project, so I've seen the industry from many different angles. I've also worked as a website editor and written a lot of blog posts over the years. I love first person writing and helping writers find ways to tell their stories and make their voices heard. 

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