Took place on January 26, 8:00pm. EST

AMA with Derrick & Jennah Mitchell: Client Management Decoded

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Derrick Mitchell
Designer | Teacher | Artist | Innovator

About this Live Session

Derrick and I have owned a Creative Media Agency since 2008 - over the years, we have learned a lot about client management (both good and bad), and we love helping others find ways to better serve and manage the clients they work for. We are not "experts" that feel we have reached guru-status and are now passing our unquestionable, sage knowledge on to confused masses...rather, we are still learning (and will always be learning) how to better manage projects and the plethora of clients that come with those projects. 

If you would like to learn from our mistakes, successes, and trial-and-error experiences, you won't want to miss this AMA. We will be dividing the hour into the following segments:

1. Tips for wrangling content and feedback out of clients

2. Ideas for salvaging a project or client relationship that is spiraling out of control

3. Advice for when to keep and when to fire a client

4. Advice for how to better "train" your clients

5. Open Questions

Feel free to take to Twitter if you like during the AMA hour as well - we will be watching for #clientmanagement. :)

See you soon!

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