Took place on April 13, 7:30pm. EDT

AMA with Cassandra Arnold on seeing better and getting rid of your glasses!

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Cassandra Arnold
Natural Vision Educator

About this Live Session

Hey everyone! I'll be here live on Wednesday, April 13th to visit with you about improving your near vision, geting rid of your reading glasses, keeping your eyesight perfect, dealing with other eye problems like near sight and far sight, or astigmatism, or ANYTHING else you'd like to chat about!

If you are enrolled in Glasses Off! Learn to read easily again one step at a time and have any difficultues, questions or want to know how to stay inspired...  ASK ME ANYTHING! ;)

Click here for FREE enrolment if you want to join the session and you are not already a student.

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Leave your questions below! I look forward to seeing you here.


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