Took place on September 16, 3:00pm. EDT

AMA with Carlye Cunniff

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Carlye Cunniff
Experience Designer

About this Live Session

I found my way to design non-conventionally; after spending several years as a dancer and movement educator, I taught myself basic design skills and have been on a journey ever since! I worked as a freelance writer, web designer, and content strategist before taking a formal course in UX design. I was drawn to UX because it allowed me to use my research skills (sociology degree with an emphasis in public health), my new-found love for digital design, and my genuine curiosity about human behavior.

I’ve worked with start-ups, as a design consultant, and as a Senior UX designer at Amazon. I currently lead a team of designers, researchers and engineers at Amazon in Scotland.

This AMA is for anyone interested in making a switch into a creative career. Making a change into design with no background wasn't easy, but it is possible. I'm passionate about helping other people move into careers that give them freedom and flexibility, especially if that means they get to be creative all day. 

Please bring your questions about design, changing careers, or getting started in the world of design. 

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