Took place on December 15, 1:00pm. EST

AMA with Ben Hill - Wordpress Websites, SEO, Content Creation- All My Tips & Tricks

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Ben Hill
Entrepreneur, Web Design, Doctor

About this Live Session

Hello, my name is Ben Hill of and I help people create digital content the easy way.

Have questions about getting started with Wordpress? Need a second look at your website? SEO advice? My favorite creation tools? It's all open for discussion in this AMA.

I honestly feel that anyone can create their own content without having to hire a professional IF they’re willing to learn.  I’m self-starter in every sense of the word. If I want to know how to do something, what do I do? Google it. Learn it. Create it. And if I can pass some of that creativity and knowledge on to you? Awesome!

My goal is to share my own failures and successes which will, hopefully, benefit you. If anything, I want you to feel more confident in your own abilities to make visual and engaging material you’ll be proud to share.

I look forward to your questions!

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