Took place on November 24, 7:00pm. EST

AMA with Andrea Campos - Hand Lettering Techniques

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About this Live Session

Hi Everyone!

Join me Tuesday November 24 at 7:00pm EST to talk about all things lettering!

For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm a hand lettering artist & art director. In the last couple of months I've published two classes about hand lettering. 

The first class is all about the basics. I cover materials, techniques and styles: Fundamentals for Drawing Letters

The second class is all about brush lettering & how to achieve this look: Brush Lettering Made Simple

You can ask me anything about lettering, techniques, styles, how you can incorporate this skill into your work etc. Anything, really :P 

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

Se Habla Español :P

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