Took place on December 10, 4:00pm. EST

AMA about illustrating with Photoshop with Tom Froese

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Tom Froese
Illustrator and Designer
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About this Live Session

Hey Skillsharers, a lot of students in my class, Inky Illustrations, have asked me questions about illustrating with Photoshop, particularly regarding the pen tool and how it compares to the pen tool in Illustrator. This AMA is an opportunity for students and the greater Skillshare community to ask me just about anything related to illustrating with Photoshop. Maybe you want to know when it's best to use Photoshop and when you might want to use Illustrator instead. Or perhaps you are struggling with making that darn Pen tool work! I'm also open to answering any other questions, on or off the topic of illustration or Photoshop. 

See you on Thursday, 10 December around 4pm EST!

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