Took place on October 08, 1:00pm. EDT

AMA about design portfolios with Carlye Cunniff

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Carlye Cunniff
Experience Designer

About this Live Session

I'm an Edinburgh based designer, creative leader, and design educator.

I’ve worked with start-ups, as a design consultant, and as a Senior UX designer at Amazon. I currently lead a team of designers, researchers and engineers at Amazon in Scotland.

This AMA is all about building a design portfolio - bring your questions, what you're stuck on, or anything you'd like to chat about. I look at literally hundreds of portfolios a month as I hire for my team, so I've got a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. 

If you're ready to jump in to portfolio building, I'm also hosting a Portfolio Challenge.

The challenge is simple:

1. Enroll in my course, Building a Killer UX Portfolio, by October 1st.

2. Post your portfolio in the community section of the class (finished, or in progress, or whatever) by October 22. 

3. Folks who post their portfolio will be entered to win an hour long portfolio review session with yours truly.

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