Took place on May 04, 6:00pm. EDT

AMA about Squarespace with Kelsey Kreiling from Squarespace Basics

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Kelsey Kreiling
Chicago-based Squarespace builder!

About this Live Session

Hi! I'm Kelsey Kreiling- partner at Presence Agency, where we produce events like food festivals, tech meet ups, retreats, conferences and other cool things. We also have a project called Week of the Website, where we help young business get their first websites in just 5 days.

I teach a great class for people who want to build their first site or learn the basics of Squarespace and on Wednesday, May 4th at 6pm ET, I'll be hosting an AMA to answer any questions you have about the platform, your sites in progress and anything else Squarespace relate you might have. 

This AMA is perfect for anyone considering building on Squarespace, anyone with questions or anyone who likes bad jokes. 

See you there!

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